The CPAP Pillow For Sleep Apnea And Snoring Treatment

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Wonder what CPAP pillow is? CPAP is an acronym for Continuous Positive Airway and the CPAP pillow is a substitution for a regular pillow. Today’s information will explain exactly what it is and what it is used for.

While sleeping, a person will perhaps be snoring and then visibly stop breathing, except for continued chest movement. With a sudden gasp of air, they may begin normal breathing again, only to repeat the sequence sometimes all night. This leaves them tired in the morning and not on top of their game, so to speak. The disturbance can also affect the spouse, resulting in the same complaints. Not getting enough sleep can cause a number of other problems for both of them. Diabetes, hypertension and obesity are among the conditions present in apnea sufferers.

Sleep labs are used in determining sleep problems, sleep apnea being one of them. Using information derived from a study of the human body measurements called anthropometry, diagnosis is made. At this point, the patient has choices as to the course of treatment such as pills, surgery, dental devices or changing sleep position. Choosing the right treatment is crucial for success in treating sleep apnea.

Not mentioned was the CPAP Masks, worn whenever the patient is sleeping or napping. There are at least three types of mask used depending upon the kind of sleep apnea diagnosed. There is the nose, nasal or full mask and their success is determined by the mask staying in place at all times during its use. The hard part is trying to do this with the use of a regular pillow.

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure pillow then comes to the patients’ aid. Specially formed from foam or polyester materials and using certain curves and contours to allow for the shape of mask and its tubing. The pillow is often made with quilting on parts of it for giving it the durability and ability to keep its shape during continuous use. It is hypoallergenic and comes with pillow covers for sanitary conditions.

Proper alignment of the neck and spine during treatment is very important. If the equipment is improperly used, such as being dislodged from the face due to using a regularly shaped pillow, there can result a loss of pressure and much discomfort and pressure on the face.

Many people sleep on their side as well as their back and the CPAP pillow has been redesigned to suit both, giving the therapeutic support needed for more than adequate therapy. The suppleness and thickness of the pillows has eliminated leakage around mouth and nose providing a more competent approach to the procedure. Its many attributes include better ease of movement during sleep, machine wash-ability, drier compliant, and is now available as a mini type that can be carried while traveling.

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