Creating a Will Online, the Modern Process

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Creating a will online without ever setting foot in a lawyer’s office appears to be the wave of the future. And why not? It’s cheaper, quicker, and generates the same results as a conventionally drafted will. Creating a will online through an online legal document service is not for everyone, however. There are certain complicated provisions that sometimes require the advice of a lawyer, but for most people the online legal document service can fulfill their needs. online will template

Statistics actually show that around 2/3 of Americans do not have a will, which is somewhat surprising and somewhat not. It seems like a very high number, but in reality, most people are not going to want to bother with a will until they get older and feel that their time is “approaching”. Obviously, no one wants to plan for a tragedy, but when it does, it would be prudent to have some sort of documentation set-up so that YOU and not the courts decide what happens to your estate. Without a will, the state will distribute your property in the following order:

Your spouse

Your children

Your parents

Your brothers and sisters or if they are not living, their children (nieces and nephews)

Your grandparents or if they are not living, their children (uncles and aunts)

Children of your deceased spouse

Relatives of your deceased spouse

The state where you lived

Obviously, if this is not the ideal order of property distribution, it would be prudent to form your own will so that you can control where everything goes, in what order, and how much.

Forming a will online through an online legal document service can be a very quick and painless process. The services allow you to fill out a fairly simple questionnaire (which can get more complicated depending upon your specific requirements for the document), and then submit it. Once submitted, the online will goes to a legal professional, who drafts the document and reviews it for correctness and completeness. The document is then sent to you, in a neat little package, and there you have it. Creating a will online has never been easier.

As an individual, it is still your responsibility to use good judgment and decide if the service is right for you. For people with complicated assets and provisions, the advice of a lawyer can still not be beat. Individuals who have fairly simple requirements for the will, and who simply want to safeguard their family, could reap a great benefit from the online legal document service and creation of a will online.


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