Body Massage: 4 Pressure Tools

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There are many types of massage tools available in the market. Sometimes, these are called massage gizmos. Never mind about what are their terms. Let’s look at one type of such equipment, called the pressure tools.

Like their name suggests, they are capable of applying pressure. Their main benefit is stimulating the acupressure and trigger points along your body. Use them to exert pressure on tough knots and sore spots. You will also find that the materials are usually made from stone and wood, which makes it very hard so you don’t have to apply too much pressure on you body. 강남안마

Here’s a list of these devices and their descriptions. At least you know a little about them before you decide to buy one.

Small knobby tools

There are so many models on this particular tool. Most of the time, you can simply use them to substitute your own thumb and fingers to do the pressing. Speaking about shape, they come in many varieties but with one intention in mind, applying pressure onto your body.

Hook tools

It looks exactly what its name suggests! They look like these S-shaped hooks. How do you use it? You simply hold one end of the hook and push your hands forward. This causes the other hook at the back to apply pressure onto your back while you are standing up. They are very useful if you are massaging yourself. You can use it to reach the tough spots where your hands can’t.

Professional pressure tools

You will see them being used in the massage spas. Even from their appearance, they look sophisticated and expensive. For example, one type looks like a high-tech pencil. But in reality, you should refrain yourself from using them because you are not a professional masseur or masseuse! They (massage therapists) graduate from massage schools with professional training. Therefore, you could end up hurting yourself if you abuse these professional pressure tools. In short, stay away from them.

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